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Trace Amine Associated Receptor 1 (TAAR1/TA1) Rabbit antibody to or anti-Human Polyclonal antibody

Trace amine associated receptor 1 (taar1/ta1) rabbit antibody to or anti-human polyclonal antibody Catalog: GWB-911D02 | Size: 1 vial | Price: €721.92 Supplier: genways

Old catalog number: 18-464-435411 Storage temperature: store cold Expiry date: 1 y

TAAR1 gene: trace amine associated receptor 1



The protein encoded by this gene is a G-protein coupled receptor activated by trace amines. The encoded protein responds little or not at all to dopamine, serotonin, epinephrine, or histamine, but responds well to beta-phenylethylamine, p-tyramine, octopamine, and tryptamine. While primarily functioning in neurologic systems, there is evidence that this gene is involved in blood cell and immunologic functions as well. This gene is thought to be intronless. [provided by RefSeq, Nov 2015]

Organism: human (Homo sapiens)