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anti-BMP3 (N-term) Antibody

Anti-bmp3 (n-term) antibody Catalog: AP11664PU-N | Size: 0,4 ml | Price: €708.51 Supplier: acr

Vial description: Bone morphogenetic protein 3, Osteogenin, BMP-3A, BMP3A Category: primary antibody Raised in: Rabbit

BMP3 gene: bone morphogenetic protein 3



This gene encodes a secreted ligand of the TGF-beta (transforming growth factor-beta) superfamily of proteins. Ligands of this family bind various TGF-beta receptors leading to recruitment and activation of SMAD family transcription factors that regulate gene expression. The encoded preproprotein is proteolytically processed to generate each subunit of the disulfide-linked homodimer. This protein suppresses osteoblast differentiation, and negatively regulates bone density, by modulating TGF-beta receptor availability to other ligands. [provided by RefSeq, Jul 2016]

Organism: human (Homo sapiens)