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AP3M2 antibody - middle region

Ap3m2 antibody - middle region Catalog: ARP52255_P050 | Size: one vial | Price: €375.82 Supplier: aviva ASK
Recognized antigen: AP3M2 - middle region Product type: Antibody Gene name: AP3M2

AP3M2 gene: adaptor related protein complex 3 subunit mu 2

AP47B, CLA20, P47B


This gene encodes a subunit of the heterotetrameric adaptor-related protein comlex 3 (AP-3), which belongs to the adaptor complexes medium subunits family. The AP-3 complex plays a role in protein trafficking to lysosomes and specialized organelles. Multiple alternatively spliced variants, encoding the same protein, have been identified. [provided by RefSeq, Aug 2008]

Organism: human (Homo sapiens)